$1 billion drug bust from a tent in Philadelphia?

Copy of Drug Bust Testimony.png

You never know what God will do with your worship and prayer in obedience to him.

Last week Stephen had the privilege of leading the final 4 hours of a 160 -hour prayer and worship marathon called Jubilee 2019. This annual gathering on Independence Mall was led by our dear friend Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David in cooperation with dozens of other ministries.

 Here is where it gets crazy….

In the final hour of the 6-day worship watch praying over Philadelphia and the United States, Stephen began to lead a time of prophetic declaration and intercession about God exposing the darkness of drug smuggling in that region and breaking the demonic power that is behind the drug epidemic in our nation. We began to sing “Righteous are all your judgments!” Then someone walked up with a gavel and we declared that God was exposing wickedness and judging unrighteousness in our nation.

Then....yesterday news broke of one of the largest drug busts in U.S. history taking place at the port of Philadelphia a mere 5 miles from the tent where we were declaring these things just 7 days ago.


All I know is this, God can do more with our worship and prayer than we can imagine.

If you are reading this, don’t stop praying, believing and declaring what He says to you even if it seems too big to be imagined...you know big, like say a billion dollars.